Sunday, May 29, 2011

A tangle of Discourses:Girls Negotiating Adolescence

In this reading by Rebbecca C Raby we read about a research study of 30 interviews, all being from teenage girls and their grandmothers all from the Toronto area in Canada. For this reading I choose to do a reflection on the text.  

What does it make you think about ?
This reading seemed to open my mind as to how teenagers are  looked at and many of the different stereotypes that classify todays youth. Mostly being that they are moody and rebellious. One quotes in this article that really stood out was on page 444, “Yeah, I think that teenagers, they are trouble- maker and they do things”. I believe we stereotype teenagers to much and not all teenagers are trouble makers and shouldn't be punished or label as a trouble- maker, until proven other wise.  I however do understand that the majority of teenagers do cause trouble but us as a community we shouldn't continue to label these teenagers as trouble maker. I feel that if teenagers are always looked at as negative then they will have nothing positive to look forward to or will fall into the trap of trouble makers because they feel it is just what is excepted from them. 

How does this relate to you?
Still being a individual who not long ago just got out of her teenager years I can relate this article to myself of how teenagers are stereotypes mostly as trouble-makers and moody.  When you are looked at this way you feel like nobody has faith or trust in you because of the whole stereotype on teenagers and not someone just personally getting to know you. There are many times when just walking into a store you can feel a sales person following you around because you are a teenager and they just assume you will steal something. Also, within the past few weeks I have felt like even others who don't realize you are now a adult still look at you as a teenager and treat you differently. When we went looking for cars nobody wanted to help us because they thought o they are to young they don't mean business and for us that honestly just made us leave and go look at other places.

While doing some research I came across a question that caught my attention to ask everyone.
Is Adolescence viewed as biological, and how is adolescence and discourse viewed within our society, not only by women but men as well?

Youtube video about stereotypes and teens :

Video by my chemical romance called Teenagers

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Who am I?

My Name is Jacleen Lamoureux currently taking this class at Rhode Island College. My summer is going good so far and will be a busy one with working, full time classes, and also expecting a baby in October :-)
When Im not in class Im usually spending time with my family. My boyfriend and I have two dogs that keep us busy. A 87 pound lab and a 5 pound shih-tzu chihuahua.  I also have 6 nieces and nephews who keep me very busy. And with my boyfriend in the Marines we are always doing something. 
I'm looking forward to this class after our first meeting, this seems like it going to be a class I enjoy rather then a class that stresses me out.