Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants the author Marc Prensky

A good quote to open ones mind to the reading is on page three paragraph five, “should the Digital Native students learn the old ways, or should their Digital Immigrant educators learn the new?”
In Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants the author Marc Prensky talks about the education gap between what he calls the digital native generation to the digital immigration generation.  The digital natives are said to be the kids who were born into this digital world, basically our generation, we know this like computer and internet, facebook, MySpace, word, excel, making webpage’s. However, people like our grandparents are not the same they are a generation of digital immigrants. During this time everything was simple, between having to read books for answers compared to Google. These two groups are compared to be very different in our society, where we look at it as they had it hard and the other generation’s looks at the internet to being hard. We learn in this article that the biggest problem with in our education today is that our teachers who are from a different generation then the students are having a hard time teaching this generation because of how the learning ways are different. This is explained better on page 2 of the reading. I believe that this is a reason schools should start employing younger teachers rather than keeping the ones who have been there for 20 years. Teachers need to see the difference between times and learn the new ways because this is the future not the past.
Quote that I found on another blog in which I totally agreed with is, “We need to invent Digital Native methodologies for all subjects, at all levels, using our students to guide us.” (Page 6, paragraph 1) 

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