Thursday, June 16, 2011

how being a good girl can be bad for girls'extended comments

For this talking point on did extended comments. For this I used Sarah's blog. I read her's first and all her points were very clear and understanding, I also enjoyed her hyperlinks she added into her blog.

In the beginning of her blog she added a video called "Why being a "Good Girl" can be bad' which tells how girls are taught to be selfless and modest, but in the future this can actually hurt them. In our society we expect a good girl to look and act like this: blue eye, little girl, quiet, perfect, sheltered, good grades, studies, no opinions on things, well rounded, follower, preppy, has to do everything right, honorable, tons of friends, wealthy, popular, boyfriend, athletic, natural hair, BARBIE, people pleaser.  Sarah made a good connection with this video and the article that girls are taught to young how to dress, look, and act. To be able to teach girl "no is okay" is not going to be easy as she put it. I agree with everything that Sarah stated in this paragraph, and thought she did a clear just of explaining it. GOOD JOB!

Easy A movie.
For the three questions Sarah made it very easy for myself to understand her points as a reader, she used good headings. I liked how for the question " How is homosexuality presented in the film" she gave myself background information about Olive and Brandon which helped to see how this movie at first hides gay feelings. I agree with her about this movie trying to "save" gays.
I agree with the second question and answer that Tolman and Higgens would be happy with how Olive is standing up for herself even if isn't not traditional. I feel that myself also Im not traditional. I've always been known to my guy friends to be the one not to piss off or else, you get the "Jackie glare" and not ride home. I agree that media can be both positive and negative, and it all depends on which side of a case you stand on.

All in all, I thought Sarah's post was good and agreeable. She could have added a little bit of a connection to her real life, or clips from the movie to support her topics.

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  1. I agree with both of you in that Sarah included a video-Why being a Good Girl can be Bad that directly relates to what we have been discussing in class. I thought it was very interesting!