Monday, June 13, 2011

Mastering Your Johnson

For this talking point I did connections.
Relating this article Mastering You Johnson by author Krassas I made the two connection toward Rabys article on discourses and also Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants by Marc Prensky. 

Because Mastering You Johnson says, "that magazines in today’s times have become very explicit. Krassas begins with saying how women are being portrayed in magazines. Those women are placed in a certain position because that is the role they are expected to take on." Because of many things the other said about magazines we can relate that this plays into many of the five discourses, one being storm, social problems, and at-risk. It relates to social problems because to many women are trying to get the "perfect" image, most women are doing this for attraction of men. I would also relate this to at-risk because it is making women into who they are not naturally, and also there is a chance of depression because of not achieve this perfect image. 

I related this to the article Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants because I think the way magazines are looked at are very different. Our generation just looks at most of these girls as normal, pretty, and what men want. While the Digital natives would look at this as trashy and respectful. I actually saw a example of this in a television show Friday night. While a mother thought a outfit in a magazine would look good for her daughters party and a grandmother thought it was showing to much skin, and trashy slutty feeling. I think every person looks at magazines a different way, just like everyone looks at life in different ways. I personally would relate the author of Mastering the Johnson a Digital Immagrant because he doesn't understand the new generation of readers. Readers today in most of these magazines don't care about issues in the world, they care about gossip and how to make them self more attractive and valuable.

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