Thursday, June 23, 2011

Reflection : Cinderella ate my daughter

This reading was interesting about Disney princesses and the world. The author says how parents cannot keep the world away from their daughters, and can only prepare them.
We learn why parents want to keep kids away from the Disney magic, just like in the reading how the parent kept the story of Snow White, and we saw how a fairy tale plays out in children.
Also, on page 18 we see how the image on the Welcome to our campus banner was seen, little girl with glitter rhinestone tiara. Many parents can try to keep this princess images away from daughters so they don't act this way. But eventually she's going to get old enough to learn it from our culture and that her value may well depend on submissive behavior, dressing sexy.

The best thing the author suggests is to talk about the issues with these fairy tales. To talk about the images, the products, the dangers, and help girls present there own values early in life.


  1. Its okay to let a child play with "princesses". I think it helps their imagination to run wild. There are a few good morals that a child can take away from these Disney movies. Parents should just explain to their children the images and portrayals that are subliminal to the audience. The children must be more aware so they are knowledgeable about the sexism, stereotypes and racism presented in the films.

  2. I'm the crazy mom who doesn't particularly care for princesses. In my mind, I rather my daughter learn about being a queen before being a princess :D

  3. I read Douglas' article and I like how you explained "Cinderella Ate my daugther". I agree that parents should speak with their children about the princess images. Like Kayla said in class it will not be good if they learn from their friends about half of the story and do not learn the moral of the story.